He wonders about the invasion of mind spaces,
I wonder about the indifference writ on these impassive faces,
He wonders about our dysfunctional display of emotions,
I wonder why they are only going through the motions.

He wonders about our need to comprehend cause,
I wonder why they drift along in haze without pause,
He wonders about our habit of picking an issue to the bone,
I wonder why they always leave well enough alone.

He wonders about the need for personal discovery,
I wonder about the impersonality of meaningless sophistry
He is not alone in wondering, I wonder too,
I wonder about rationality and reason, yes I do,

But I am not going to wonder anymore,
For I have been out there and have returned encore,
It is nicer here; it’s more familial,
Pleasures abound; the disagreements are trivial.

© Pragya Thakur

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