Blue Vacation – A Dream

Let’s walk on forever,
Into the distant horizon,
Where the sky, azure and amber,
Meets the sparkling waves of blue,
Blending all eternity together.

Let’s dissolve the blues within,
Diffuse them into the blues without,
Momentarily at peace, with a universe,
That reflects only the blues most serene,
Absorbing all the other colors diverse.

Let’s feel the grainy turf beneath,
Leaving sand-prints on the soles of our feet,
As we observe, in silence, the golden hue,
Of the morning sun, precariously balanced,
Upon the sparkling, tremulous ocean of blue.

Let’s remember the time, the turquoise afternoon sky,
Made everything take on a silvery sheen,
Rendering objects most mundane,
Bright and shiny, new and clean,
And precious moments weren’t lost; unlived, unseen

Let’s not awaken from this reverie,
Where the high tide now rolls in, at the behest,
Of a retreating sun and the full moon’s crest,
And a diamond-studded sapphire blue sky,
Gazes at the crashing waves’ musical revelry.

Let’s never wonder if tomorrow is another day,
That it usually feels as blue as yesterday,
Let’s forget how grayness persists, leaving us,
Always in a mist, morning through night,
When we leave home pre-dawn, and return past daylight.

© Pragya Thakur

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