Afghan Girl suppressing smile Posted by Hello


  1. This is striking pragya..her eyes reveal so much what her face does'nt…

  2. Hi Pragya,Didn't know you were good at this! Shows a lot of promise. Do keep at it and you are sure to get better. I posted a reply to "Fourth Grade" and something went wrong and the response didn't appear. But I liked it very much. Brought back memories. I was a lonely child also but I had good teachers! Warmest,J

  3. praagu…this one is wonderful..reminds me of the cover pic on national geographic.. you're gettin' better girl 😉

  4. Lovely sketches.Very expressive eye and postures. Liked all of them. Paint more and post more.

  5. The detailing on this one is exquisite! You have a terrific control over the mouse..Looking forward to seeing more of these wonderful pics!:)

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