One must settle in..(rescue attempt by a friend)

Everyone needs to settle in.
That lived-in feeling, a must.
The rust, the dent in the couch,
the scratches on the door,
the wrinkles and,
the chipped mug,
all quite indispensable.

Like water, like melting ice,
seeping through every
cranny, every
from first sight
to last look,

Everyone needs to settle in

to new shoes – old shoes
until they caress, stretch, give,
or perhaps lose
their prime condition, replaced
with comfort

and adjust to constant change,
specks of dirt and layers of nacre,
that leave

a pearl.


  1. beautiful..simply so in its truth and the fact that i identify with it entirely…not to forget the dent on my sofa 🙂 :))))

  2. 'from first sightto last look,'This is simply wonderful! One can ascribe so many meanings to could be talking of one's mind too or am I being too metaphorical?!A restful repose…:)

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