I don’t remember every one of the thirteen thousand seven hundred and seventy-four or so days that I’ve lived. Maybe ten or fifteen of them have been really, truly memorable, and completely unforgettable. The others have faded into a blur as I have speeded through life. Did the days I don’t remember add anything to the person I am today? If they did then why don’t I remember them?

Will I remember March 28th, 2005 ten years from now? I seriously doubt it. Will I remember posting random comments on a writers’ network on Ryze, or talking to a friend who was angered about an imposition on his home page, or being annoyed with a website designer who failed to understand the design we sought for our blog? Will I remember coming home to a house without Nukku in it? Will I remember feeling strange about not hearing her voice, not seeing her playing around, jumping on me, demanding this or that? Will I remember that her granny took her to Rochester this day and that I was feeling miserable about the prospect of not seeing her for three whole weeks! Or will the memories of this day fade, vanish without a trace as if they never existed? Probably the latter. I wouldn’t shy away from laying a wager that it would be the latter.

It surprises me that I can say that with so much certainty. Because this was a legitimate day, or wasn’t it? The sun rose (well alright, it rose but didn’t make an appearance, it rained all day), it set. I woke up, spent four hours commuting, observed fellow travelers in this journey of life, even interacted with a few. So this day ‘was’. But, this day is not going to ‘be’ a part of my memory banks, in all likelihood. It is going to be erased like so many others have been.

Erased as if it was all a dream. A dream that was all too real while I dreamt, like footprints on the sand, washed away by the surging waves almost as soon as they were created. Life at it’s illusory best, driving home my favorite words – “This too shall pass”.
And once it passes, it’s devoid of meaning, in the lesser and the grander scheme of things.

Maybe some moments have some meaning for sometime. Maybe some history is made, books are written, experiences are documented, memories preserved, but for how long, to what end? Everything is rendered meaningless eventually, reminding one that the only reality is birth and death. The rest is vapor.


  1. This is an idea that has been occupying my mind for the better part of this decade. It started during the millennium celebrations and left me wondering about the legacies we leave behind and/ or, if our lives are memorable enough. Your essay raises this question to a different level altogether and makes these concerns more immediate.

  2. Every moment of our lifetime leaves its footprints on our mind map..we may not recollect but imprints remain.lovely piece,a hint of sadness and introspection!

  3. Now this day has been chronicled. I wish if you could chronicle all the days in your life. 🙂

  4. Beautiful, Prags! One hopes this fortnight just passed adds more memorable dates!

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