I kept wondering what it meant to be tagged and here I am, tagged!

So here goes:

Eight qualities of the perfect man:

1) Doesn’t tune me out when I am talking, making hearing noises but never listening and not remembering what was said a minute ago.

2) Picks up after himself and doesn’t leave rolled up socks, empty cans and pieces of paper and change lying around.

3) Likes gourmet all course meals at fancy restaurants.

4) Speaks and writes with eloquence.

5) Loves my kind of music.

6) Has a terrific sense of humor.

7) Is a good masseur.

8) Looks good!


  1. howdy!whoa, thats a long list you got there?And by the look of it ,it seems you are still in search of mr perfect.Good luck. you write well.regardsvishwesh

  2. bon voyage!

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