Sun Glare – Rt 80 (Exit 28)

There is light all around yet I am as blind as blind can be. I can’t see a thing. The days are getting longer again, the sun gradually rising above the horizon as I head east, squinting, shading my eyes, trying to leave them wide open so I can get accustomed to the blinding glare sooner but nothing works and all I can think of is the car ahead of me into which I could be crashing any minute now. I don’t see its outline, its taillights or anything at all. I feel like stopping right where I am, immobilized with fear, but I creep slowly ahead, clutching the steering wheel tight, hunching over it, inching forward until the bare branches of the trees on the hills come to my rescue, taking away the glare.

I know the respite is temporary, there is only so much the bare trees can offer. They are yet to experience the lushness of spring. Spring isn’t here yet. The clarity of vision will last only as long as the movement of the car takes me away once again from the cover offered by their static existence. I have to keep moving. And most of the times I move blind, using the cues that reside in memory and not in any physical reality. I am programmed. I am sure the other drivers all around me are similarly programmed. They know when to stop and when to slow down in this light induced blindness.

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