A Glittering Moment…

My silent reverie is broken by the words coming somewhere from the backseat of the car, “Mommy…I love you! I love your eyes, I love your lips, I love your hair, I love your arms, I love your clothes, I love your smell, I love everything about you!” Could this moment be any richer? I feel a stillness come over me, I want the words to sink in, this moment to never end. This fleeting moment in which there is no denying that I am loved unconditionally and completely. If I could distill the magical essence of this moment I would. Actually I can, that’s what memories are for. These words will never leave me, no matter what happens next.

They’ll come back to me when I am feeling unloved and lost, alone in the world, they’ll resurface to reassure me. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, this is the only moment I own. Tomorrow when she finds me on the path of increasing irrelevance, when all she wants is to test the strength of her newly sprouted wings, when I appear like a dilapidated figure, fast receding into my twilight years, when she owns the world and the widening cracks in the pedestal on which she once held me, inspire nothing but a shrug of pity, I will have these words to cherish and relive.


  1. How utterly, utterly beautiful!

  2. hi pragya, very touching, for anyone who has brought up a child. Sadly, the change in persona is inevitable, let me warn you… have been watching my toddler becoming a sophisticated teenager, and sigh… well, that's the price we pay for staying alive on this planet. It's fun, anyway!Cheerz!

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