Laughing Afghan Girl

Well, she was laughing in the original photograph! Steve McCurry of National Geographic photographed her so well that even though almost her entire face is covered with her clothes and her hands you can so easily tell that the eyes are full of mirth. I have tried often but I can’t quite capture it, doesn’t mean I’ll give up trying. In the original photograph, the left side of her face seems to have been caught in the gloaming, serenely lit. Her eyes are dancing and if you look carefully you can see the photographer reflected in her eyes. One of these days I’ll get it right. Until then the posting will remind me how far I still have to go, I must learn to capture the mirth!

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  1. Its really good. Computer work? Whats going on here?????

  2. This is fine work Pragya!! Getting to be an addiction looks like!

  3. Hi Pragya,Here's to a multi-faceted, multi-talented you.It took you 10 hours? God, I wish I had the patience and the talent.Keep writing, sorry, drawing!J

  4. Hard to believe this was produced on a computer. Looks quite 'hand-made'. I do like the composition of this painting as well as its rich colour combination.

  5. Pragya,you show a likeable style, technique, and color-sense; looking forward to more . . .

  6. At first I thought to read youBut finally I had draw

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