Writers’ Duplicity

It is always fascinating to hear or read words that voice an opinion or thoughts that one has been considering for sometime. I don’t fancy myself a writer yet (one day I’ll call myself that) but if the words below generally hold true for all writers, perhaps I am a fraction of the way there. Nadine Gordimer’s words, noted below, were stunning to me:

Powers of observation heightened beyond the normal imply extraordinary disinvolvement: or rather the double process, excessive preoccupation and identification with the lives of others, and at the same time a monstrous detachment…The tension between standing apart and being fully involved: that is what makes a writer.

– Nadine Gordimer, Introduction, Selected Stories


  1. I think Miss Gordimer hit it on the head – the tension between involvement and detachment as a definition of the writer's pursuit. And Pragya, even if you don't say it yourself, this tension is manifest in all your writings, and therefore you ARE a writer for my money. And a fine one too! Sail on!

  2. What he said. 😉

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