Serafina AWOL

Today Serafina the guinea pig ran away. She had been taken out of her cage and was enjoying the lawn and the bright summer day when she slipped out of Anoushka’s hands and scampered away. Never to be found again.

Anoushka has been sad all day. Her tears well-up every few minutes, threatening to spill-over and cascade. We keep assuring her that we’ll look for Serafina and she’ll come back but it doesn’t really help cheer her up.

Just an hour ago, she set the words to a new song, to the tune of Frere Jacques – Serafina, Serafina, will you come, will you come, we love you, we love you, will you come, will you come?

So we decided to join in and ended up introducing another word to her lines – We ‘really’ love you….

“Stop you guys!! Stop, Stop!! There’s no ‘really’ here – just we e e e love you, no ‘really’!! Try again!”

So this time Anil said, “Wow, she can really sing! Just like her Dad!” (he never likes admitting his wife can carry a tune better!)

Anoushka said, “Helloo! Er…Daddy…did you forget you don’t really know how to sing?

“You are a bad singer (said with a matter of fact shrug). It’s Ok, I still love you!”

Poor Anil! What a blow! :))


  1. Haha! XDI wish I had a child. I'm not eager, though. Surely a 14-year-old can wait a few years before conceiving a child with a woman. Nevertheless, children are lovely (sometimes).I'll sing too, if you want. Anything to get Serafina back. 😀

  2. "you forgot you are a bad singer daddy!"as daddy mutters "why you little munchkin…" to himself while flipping to ESPN. :)jeffp.s. hope Sefafina turns up (alive and unharmed)

  3. Sometimes it's good that people can forget that they can't do certain things: in this way they discover new talents!*By the way, Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

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