We’ll Be Right Back

People talk about their dreams, they remember them all. Dreams are supposed to be good, full of hope. One says things like, “I have a dream”. No one ever says “I have a nightmare”. Well the games my subconscious plays on me are always nightmarish. They don’t happen frequently. My sleep is either dreamless or I never remember my dreams. The nightmares however, are quite unforgettable, always sending me a message that advises fixing of something that isn’t broken in the first place.

Like the one this morning. I wouldn’t ever consider, even for a fraction of a second, leaving my daughter behind in a car, or a shop or at home, alone, while I did one of those things where people say, “Hang on, I’ll be right back”. I can’t even imagine that. Yet my nightmare had me doing exactly that.

We ended up leaving her at home, telling her we were going out for a couple of hours and that we would be right back. We drove off and reached something that looked like a park. We parked and strolled in, walking through the park trails, gazing at the flora and fauna, the joggers the skateboarders. Many moments seem to have passed in however you tell time in a dream. Then we walked out of the park to the parking lot. We walked toward the spot where we thought our car was, we even unlocked the door before we were rudely pushed to the side. They were yelling at us, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing that’s ours!” Then three or four people clambered in and spurred the carriage on. Yes the car we had been about to enter had turned into a horse carriage that didn’t belong to us. It trotted away as the people turned around to see us standing there. We started walking up and down the parking lot looking for our car, it was nowhere to be found. We suddenly realized we had no way of getting home. I remember hearing or saying, “I think it’s stolen. GAP insurance should cover it”, and then screaming, “OH NO, SHE IS HOME ALONE!!!!”

Just then I woke up with a start, there she was sleeping right next to me, we hadn’t gone anywhere for just a couple of hours saying we would be right back. We were all right there, sleeping peacefully.


  1. Sometimes dreams are triggered by subconscious emotions. You'd be amazed at how much you can learn from dreams. For example, the fact that [one of] the first things you thought about was your daughter tells us that you are a very caring and preoccupied mother.As for the cause of your dream, it's possible that it was just a suppressed thought resurrecting from the depths of your mind into a dream. This event is very common, actually. [Gotta love Freud.]

  2. Im not one to place so much on the subconscious. People always say that if you're afraid of gay people, that means that subconsciously you think that YOU'RE gay, and that worries me because i'm afraid of dogs.

  3. Haha! Actually, it's not quite like that. Your subconscious self contains many suppressed thoughts, memories, and emotions. It is a home for things we either forget as we move on in our lives, or simply refuse to remember.Back to the point — phobias and their relation to the subconscious. This time, you used homophobia as an example. Let me clarify something for you here: being afraid of homosexuals does not imply that you are subconsciously homosexual. However, it does suggest that you have an insecurity regarding your sexuality (whether conscious or subconscious). As a matter of fact, many fears grow out of insecurities.A phobia may also develop after a traumatic experience (i.e., you might become claustrophobic after being locked up in a small place for a long period of time). Furthermore, it is very plausible that a certain hate or fear can develop from a combination of the aforementioned causes.Believe it or not, subconscious thoughts/emotions can be very influential in someone's character and/or personality.

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