Today Fudge entered our lives! A bright spot if there ever was one all rolled up in a cuddly ball of black and white fur and a wet nose that goes sniffing around the house. He doesn’t think he’s a dog and neither do we.

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He loves being carried around and his humans are more than happy to oblige, especially the little human:

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When assaulted by meaninglessness let a dog enter your lives and watch a five year old face light up with joy!


  1. My prayers and God bless all of you!!

  2. From the doorstep to the heartIn one leap he is thereNot too much effort for himCrossing that chasm People take foreverSometimes never to crossMaybe they should Go to the DogsMore OftenFrom the doorstep to the heart.

  3. Hugs for for Fudge–Pets can be an amazing experience especially for children.I gwew up with 13 of them and life was truly happy..

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