Sometimes I Pretend…

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Sometimes I pretend I am just going about my business like adults often do, not paying much attention to their kids. But I was just pretending, I didn’t want her to feel self-conscious, nor did I want her to see the expression of complete incredulity on my face. I kept loading the trunk of the car while she exclaimed, “Mommy! A wishing flower!” She plucked out one of these wispy looking weeds from the lawn and spoke her wish out aloud, “I wish for magic so that we get so much money that Mommy and Daddy can stay home with me and play and never have to go to work again.” Then she proceeded to blow the wispy petals away. It was certainly one of those moments that you can only experience with a five year old.

She is really enjoying being five too. She said, “Mommy you can’t believe how incredible it is to be five. I can draw a starfish, a coconut tree, a shark, a dinosaur and I can jump down two steps at a time. I am loving it!”

Little does she know how much I am enjoying her five year old-ness!


  1. She is beautiful, looks very happy,little bashful, as if she knows she is pretty. you are lucky to have such a precious and sensitive girl.

  2. A BIG hug for the darlingest five-year old in the world!:)

  3. a wonderful pic! wishing her love and a happy life always!VM

  4. She looks ADORABLE, and is the smartest, darlingest five-year old silk-swathed princess one has seen šŸ™‚ I'd left without as much as a hiss yesterday, your post'd got me all mushy. HAD to come back for a second peek and thought I'd say, I'm proud of you, and her. Lots of love and hugs for the two of you, and God bless :)Ronj

  5. she's going to be a star! :DKB

  6. Hi Pragya,How innocently said. Of course, all children would like their parents to sit at home with them. Your blog rocks!J

  7. I just pray that life gets better and better for all of you šŸ™‚ and in a way YOU want it to.

  8. How lovely, Pragya!! Have tears in my eyes now…Jaya

  9. How lovely, Pragya!! Have tears in my eyes now…Jaya

  10. Hugs to the sweet Princess Aurora!:)

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