Grand Finale!

The show’s over now, the stage has been cleared, the audience has left the building. But I wouldn’t be lying if I said these were the best fifty-seven minutes of my life. I am so glad I sent TF that first tentative response to his call for wannabe female back up vocalists. I had several pangs of regret over the last few weeks thinking I was in over my head but it all came together so well in the end. I would definitely sign up again next year! Can’t wait to see the video recording. Anoushka has already been going around telling everyone that her Mom is in a rock band, so it would be nice to have a video that backs up her assertion. After all how many kids her age can say their Mom performed on stage at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York!

We really rocked the house. I had my own little cheering section of the 20 colleagues in my department out of the 400 that attended, they were clapping their hands, waving at me, cheering me on. What made it even more exciting is that they would never expect someone like me to be up there on stage. I have to admit I was thrilled at comments like, “Oh my God! I never knew you sang! You were so good up there! We could clearly hear your voice, distinct from the others!” Even the problem I had with the beats (coming in a fraction early or too late) vanished and I nailed it – getting real thumbs up looks from the other band members! I still cannot get over the excitement and the adrenalin rush!

But enough about me! I was just a back up singer, the other members of the band had much grander roles and grand performances. At the end of our show the auditorium rang out with cries of “Encore! Encore!” We were all tempted to go back on stage but the Hard Rock Cafe stage had been booked for only so much time.

Somewhere on this blog is something I had written about only a handful of days being memorable enough to find a permanent place in our minds. The other ordinary days just fade away, unremembered. This will certainly not be one of those unremembered days.

Until I can post a link to our performance, enjoy Beyonce Knowles doing her tribute to Tina and picture me as one of the three back up singers there…except not dressed quite as flamboyantly…and not quite so smooth with the dance moves. But I certainly enjoyed myself as much as they did:

Thank you all who left me wonderful words of encouragement on my last panicked post. I honestly was at my wit’s end. But all’s well that ends well!


  1. WONDERFUL!!!!And at the Hard Rock Cafe too!!!A Star is Born…:)

  2. Congratulations dearest Pragys and hope to see you perform some day sure my wish will come true..way to go!:)

  3. You did it, climbed the mountain, I knew it. Congratulations!!

  4. Hurrahs and rah rahs for you Prags! Chicago has some rock cafes too, you know…time to go places with your band! :)Ronj

  5. That's the way to go, Pragya… a huge congrats from your fan club in Asia and the Middle East. :-))

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