Smiling Sun

The sun is always smiling as it hangs on the bright blue ceiling of a cloudless sky while smiling people with long eyelashes, pert noses and upturned mouths take walks with their kids and dogs and cats on the green grass floor. They never stray too far from the tall home with curtained windows and elaborate, transomed doors. The hearth must always be warm as the smoke leaves the chimney in swirling wisps, birds fly in formation and no picture is ever complete without hearts, flowers and butterflies.

Every picture declares love in letters that took on a distinct personality, a definite tilt and an undisguised flair only yesterday. Every picture is a priceless gift that transforms itself into instant refrigerator art.

May the sun always smile on you through cloudless skies and yes my dear, a heart full of love is the most important thing in the world!


  1. A fervent Amen to that Pragya! And may the sun shine ever in all your lives! God Bless you all.Tell Little Picasso I love her very much!:)

  2. Awwww…what a way to begin the day! So glad I read this, and what could be better than SUCH refrigerator art? I can't wait for mine to amass some gems too, but for now, I'll revel in yours and in my little Dora picture that has been colored so much outside boundaries that it's difficult to tell her from curious George or froggie or anyone else! :)Lots of hugs for little A, and God bless! :)Ronj

  3. What a beautiful ode to the primal force. Please do visit my blog;sunning in winter-magnifire

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