My Australian Visitor

I notice you visit this blog several times a day, at least that’s what my sitemeter tells me! But it doesn’t seem like you spend much time here, one view, rather several views a day, and you’re gone! I wish you’d stay and visit sometime and maybe leave a few words behind!


  1. Lighten up, P. The occasional cuss or poor joke might help.J.A.P.

  2. What about the Puerto Rican visitor? 🙂

  3. Puerto Rican visitor I know about and love his visits! :)Pragya

  4. Why JAP, whatever do you mean?? I am very 'lightly' inquiring about my mysterious Australian visitor! Think cussing or a pj would help me find out who he is?Puzzled.Pragya

  5. Puerto Rican visitor appreciates your appreciation, and eagerly awaits your next entry. 🙂

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