A Dream!

A dream! Finally a dream I remember!

There are familiar characters – like my very sweet,very cloyingly insistent and driven boss. She has a chart with her that needs to be diligently maintained. The maintenance of this chart, which seems to be nothing more than a recording of the daily sunset and sunrise timings, is to be our highest priority for the upcoming weeks. It has to be updated and analyzed at all costs.

I remember offering a slight resistance and expressing some barely concealed annoyance at the idea. I’m telling her how difficult it is to actually be awake at the precise moment of sunrise. I ask her if she really expects me to be awake and ready with pen, paper and clock to observe the break of dawn and she answers in the affirmative.

I switch to my ‘reasonable’ mode and tell her that it wouldn’t be that difficult to record the precise time of sunset but that she needs to bring in some other experts or consultants to do the recording of the sunrise.

I even comment on how unreasonable the whole project is and she answers by saying she has something to share with me. She then tells me that the company is planning a softball event in which participation is mandatory. She says she has been assigned the task of picking the team and ensuring practice sessions. Therefore, she says, it becomes important to keep track of exactly how many hours of daylight we have in which to work effectively.

I react by saying, “Wow! Ok! That makes complete sense! I get it now!” She reacts by looking pleased and telling me how she always wants me to express myself freely so that she can share things with me so I don’t get a sense of being left floundering in the dark.

I tell her then that since we were talking freely she would need to know that I have never been good at baseball or softball and that she shouldn’t have high expectations. She looks surprised and asks me why I think I can’t play well. I tell her about my school where students were required to play baseball, starting with Grade 5. I remember being told to hit the ball with a bat that wasn’t flat like a cricket bat! I didn’t see how it was possible. And that I could never connect ball with bat. She reassures me that I would do fine.

My dream takes me home then as I ponder the problem of the recording of dawn, now that I know what it’s for. The problem keeps me awake half the night (yes, I seem to be an insomniac even in my dreams!) and then I have a “Eureka” moment where I decide that it’s really so easy, that there is no problem at all: there are a million sites on the web that offer us sunrise and sunset timings. I kick myself for not thinking of it sooner.

I fall asleep in the dream then as I wake up in the real world, relieved that there isn’t such a project afoot.

Not only did I dream but I was actually blessed with one whose precedents are so easy to trace back to two things: JJ’s poem “Discourse” and recent interactions with the boss!

Or are they really? Is something else going on that isn’t so obvious?

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  1. I've noticed that we tend to dream recent thoughts and occurences —what was probably in our minds the moment we fell asleep.

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