I keep forgetting I was recently tagged by Ashish. I am rarely tagged, my blog is more like a journal of sorts and hides in the backwaters of the blogging world with an occasional random reader, so I am not too aware of tagging protocol.

I suppose it calls for me to list six of the weirdest things about me. That’s a tough one! Only six? That is oh-so limiting! Here’s an attempt then:

1. I firmly believe approximate is good enough and I routinely ignore the devil that lies in details.

2. I can wiggle my ears.

3. I am delicious mosquito food.

4. I can sing songs backwards.

5. I’d rather eat my hat (if I owned one) than go to a party of any kind.

6. My brain doesn’t work sometimes…like when I got entangled with a blind man’s stick instead of anticipating the range of his long stick and skirting around it. I suppose I thought the stick would sense me and the blind man would go around. Well that’s what happened…his stick found me!

And I suppose now I am supposed to tag 6 (?) people and tell them they’ve been tagged? Ok, so I think I’ll tag Ranjini, Jyotsna, Ratna, Richa, Smita and Sruthi. Forgive me ladies!



  1. You tagged along, uh. It was my first 'tagging' experience, too, and even I found 'six' quite limiting… mosquito food? wiggling ears? hmmmm… quite up there in the weird sweepstakes, uh. Never realised I had serious competition 🙂

  2. Hey,i am actually thanking you for tagging me because i have never been tagged before.And never have i had an opportunity to ponder so much on my own idiosyncracies :DhugsJo

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