Why Crows?

So once again I am reading about crows. It is a good thing that things that hint at concepts like ‘recurring motifs’ don’t impress me much. I might say, “Hmm…now that’s interesting!” But I don’t then start thinking about what if anything it could possibly mean.

However, when something happens 3-4 times over 3-4 weeks, one wonders why. It is possible to go through one’s life without noticing or being aware of certain things. But then there’s the moment when awareness does hit. It could be the most banal thing, like a car with an unusual color, one you’ve never seen before but once you’re exposed to it you see it everywhere, it makes for a permanent fixture in your line of vision. Wonder if something like that is going on with the crow business.

First there was Ashish’s unfortunate crow menace that we all read about. Then I read Louise Ehrdrich’s novel – The Painted Drum – where a character is constantly taunted and laughed at by ravens (I am not aware of all the distinctions between ravens and crows – in my mind they’re the same). The following week, on Facebook, someone asked the question – “What if you were a crow?”

As if the third corvid mention wasn’t curious enough, as I was browsing through The Guardian, I see Madeleine Bunting’s review of Kathleen Jamie’s new book – Findings – which appears to be mostly about…what else…crows! The review starts thus:

Here’s a slim book to squeeze into that last corner of the holiday suitcase. It coins a new word for a new enthusiasm – corvophile – and it’s guaranteed to ensure that you never look at a crow in quite the same way again.

Why crows everywhere? What could it possibly mean? Why does Madeleine Bunting call corvophilia a new enthusiasm? And the scary thing for crazy Internet addicts like me is that after all this crowing about crows I might end up following all kinds of links to learn about crows and what makes them tick!

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  1. hI Prags,maybe, you should see the movie "A Murder of crows" too.heheJ

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