Feeling slightly uncharitable

I do dislike certain types of people, what a surprise! Since I like to think I am relatively unopinionated, tolerant, free of dogma and non-judgmental but then how would I explain these dislikes:

1) People who put on a beaming, beatific smile as they tell me they love the changing of the seasons, especially after I’ve just finished saying I hate winters.

2) People who nod their heads in apparent understanding of everything you’re saying to them and then turn around and ask a question that indicates they haven’t heard word one.

3) People who just don’t know how to listen and spend conversational time just talking about themselves.

3) Perfectionists or people who put unreasonable emphasis on minutiae. Life is too short for that.

4) People who pay absolutely no attention to details.

5) People offering up opinions on how one could be a better parent.

6) People who refuse to believe that it is possible for multiple points of view to exist harmoniously, that there is such a thing as agreeing to disagree.

7) Lastly, opinionated people, in other words people just like me!


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