From now on this blog…

It pains me to see this blog not being updated with some regularity while I await the muse’s return.

I realize that I need to write. It doesn’t matter what I am writing but I need to write something everyday or else there is a domino effect of unpleasant events that gets triggered and seeps into my work and my personal life because not having written makes me cranky and sleepless and it just isn’t wise to mess with the circadian rhythms.

So I am going to write something here everyday, isolated readers of this blog beware. When you stop by you’ll see something that resembles a daily journal or an expressionless, uninspired recounting of the days events…simply words on white space…starting today.

Wow…just scribbling that bit of nonsense makes me feel better!

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  1. «Write, pen maiden, write—Pain shan't resist the allure of your words.»

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