Music, lucid dreams and other weirdness…

I have been able to write on this blog, bake sugar cookies, play costumer and make-up artist for my little Super Girl and practice Raag Bilawal for the umpteenth time as well as the violin (mental note to self: next time record it just to see how awful you sound). There isn’t a single song in the Suzuki Violin Book 1 that I’ve ever heard before, I’m amazed at that. It would be so much easier to gauge how I sound if I had ever hummed or heard the song before!

But it is definitely getting easier to read music and to glean from staves the information about the key signature, the tempo, the whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes…so on and so forth. If the teacher doesn’t get tired of teaching a stark beginner like me we could probably keep proceeding at an andante pace.

Not so with Indian classical where we seem to have encountered a rather long period of rest…the pace being set by someone who prefers infinite rest at the ‘Sa‘ (Do) pitch to steadily ascending higher pitches and octaves. We have been singing the same composition for over a month now because the pace-setter is facing pitch and rhythm confusion. Let’s see what tomorrow’s class brings; I am hoping that during this two week hiatus she’d have befriended “Soor” (spelling modified to suit the teacher’s accent) and “Taal” so they march lock-step…at a steady walking pace.

But before considering the things I am hoping tomorrow will bring, I must mention some of the things from my very recent past…because some strange things are happening…

The word andante above, brings me to the Mendelssohn’s Op. 64’s andante movement and lucid dreams. A friend asked me once if I ever had lucid dreams…I said no – at that particular moment I didn’t remember any, but I do have them and when I do they always shake me up and turn me inside-out, like my bus dream posted here over a year ago.

Anyway while I listened to the andante one morning in the bus and reached a semi-awake, trance-like state, with my orange-hued, shut eyelids acting as a screen of sorts, I clearly remember seeing a silhouette that might appear something like this:

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The dream was over almost as soon as it started as the bus made a jarring stop at my destination. I was shaken, nevertheless. The image came out of nowhere, the music was the only explanation since my life and my thoughts are devoid of such images or thoughts for the most part.

Music certainly has inexplicable effects on people. I just read somewhere that all his life Freud maintained a disdain for music. He is known to have said something about not wanting to devote any time to something that could affect him in strange ways…ways that his deductive reasoning brain couldn’t fathom.

Wonder what he would have to say about the image from my music induced lucid dream? He would perhaps explain it away as a deep-seated desire of some sort that had nothing to do with music. Yet I feel certain it was the music…the effect is consistent.

The other bizarre dreams happened on Friday when I stayed home from work. I had told the As that I wanted to sleep late…I had said I would dress little A for school, get her ready, and then crawl back in bed while big A took her to the bus stop. And that’s what I did…

The next thing I knew, there was a lot of noise outside the house. I got up to explore. There was big A, standing outside fiddling with his car while the little one stood patiently in the garage, waiting to get in the car. I glanced at the clock it was 8:10 AM, her bus usually leaves at 8:05 AM. I was yelling and screaming, asking him what he thought he was doing and how could he be dawdling when he knew the bus was about to leave? For some reason he didn’t answer, making me feel like the kind of a nagging wife that husbands learn to ignore as the marriage matures.

Then I looked around and noticed that all the kids in the neighborhood were running around and playing as if school was out that day. I was very confused. I stepped back into the house to check the school schedule tacked up on the refrigerator…it said nothing about school being out. I walked back to the garage where she stood with her backpack watching her dad fiddle with the car. I asked her whether she was sure she had school. She said she did and that she wished Daddy would get her to school soon. Just then our neighbor, who is also our housekeeper, walked in and started chastising me about the bus leaving without A…her homework missing…my head was reeling now…and then there was a loud ringing noise…that woke me up from what had apparently been a dream! I turned around and noticed that big A was back in bed. I asked him when he got back and if he had taken little A to the bus stop. He said he had.

All was well with the world, there were no screaming kids outside, no hubby fiddling with the car and ignoring me and no neighbor charging in with accusations.

And so I closed my eyes once again…or I thought I did…

This time I found myself in a house that resembled the one we had in Delhi, the bathroom with the pink walls, attached to the bedroom downstairs. However, there was no privacy here, just a curtain separating the bathroom from the bedroom. I was freshly showered and wrapped in a towel, trying to apply lotions and creams, except servants, aunts, uncles and friends kept interrupting my routine. I yelled at a servant that walked in with extreme nonchalance, telling him to get the heck out! And then I heard some older aunts mumbling in the background, excoriating me under their breaths for the verbal abuse I inflicted on the poor servant. I yelled, I screamed in frustration… and then…

I found myself in my bed in Hackettstown, NJ, sleeping the morning away, with nothing unusual going on…except in my head!

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