New Year

The good news is that I might have transferred my Scrabble addiction to the hubby. He had never played Scrabble before and now he is at it night and day. He plays under an ID now which he calls his practice ID. Once he feels ready he’s going to get himself an ID that’s something like “Praginator” (riffing on “Terminator” if there is anyone out there wondering). Praginator wants to challenge and vanquish Prag. Well, let’s see. We’ll leave him to his preparations. Strangely enough, watching his absorption with this immensely addictive pastime, I have lost my own addiction.

And that frees up time.

There’s much to be said for spiraling out of control, it’s exhilarating, but maybe sometimes one needs to get centered again in order to plan the next outward spiral. Maybe 2008 needs to be the leap year where I get centered again, have been getting a little lost in the fog out there.

Resolutions…can’t call these resolutions. Labeling them as such dooms them to failure. But what needs to happen for me this year is the following:

I need to learn to love what I do if I don’t have what it takes to do what I love.

I need to pay another visit to the mental document yellowing with age somewhere that clearly states what is good and right and what isn’t. I am pretty sure there are no gray areas in this long forgotten document, the way the imp of the perverse chooses to remember or interpret it.

People are important, cultivating relationships is important and I need to make time for involvement with the people in my life and with the tasks that define my life.

Involvement and yes full engagement, that’s the key. You may wonder what I really mean by that but I am not about to elaborate…I just know that these are the things that could ensure a spring in my step every morning, rather than a dragging of my feet, groaning about everything.

That’s it for the new year post.


  1. Happy New Year, Pragya. 🙂

  2. The Praginator, haha. Priceless.

  3. Involvement and engagement is the key. Much of our interactions with people around us is on a superficial level that often borders on the polite and impersonal. It's a healthy resolution to make, but has its own risks. No involvement is without pain, and no engagement is without its challenges. But life being so short, we cant waste time pondering over implications and miss out on the experience itself. Much of our contemporary life – maybe because we have such packed schedules – is filled with such superficiality and we blame it on the lack of time. Many times I wonder if that is really the case.Good to know you've passed your addiction to Anil, and hope to see him as a true 'praginator'. 🙂

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