Smiling Sun?

It is amazing for me to see how many people type in the words “smiling sun” in their search engines and arrive at this blog! I suppose the smiling sun traffic will double, triple or quadruple now that I have those words in the title itself.

My post about smiling suns was a short and impromptu one when I was thinking about my daughter and her drawings; our rapidly growing collection of refrigerator art.

I am sure no one is seeking out that post for re-reading so that leaves me with the mystery of what it is that people really hope to find on the Internet when they key in the words “smiling sun”? Very intriguing.

Another intriguing question that brings them here is a quest for what to put on ones head during an epiphany! I wish I knew and sorry to disappoint you folks, I have no idea! I generally leave my forehead unanointed when I have one.

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  1. That should remain one of the biggest mysteries in the universe… even I've had similar experiences with people visiting my blog after writing something altogether bizarre. I'm sure this 'quest for the smiling sun' could be developed into a post in itself. Intriguing, yes, but definitely worth speculating and writing about 🙂

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