It was interesting to read this article in the July 28th issue of the New Yorker , entitled – The Eureka Hunt, about research into “insight”. What happens when we have an insight, our aha moments?

I love reading this sort of stuff and often wish I had continued along the path of science so I could better understand these things.

Apparently the right hemisphere is the place that literally lights up with gamma rhythms when we have an insight (picture those light bulbs going on illustrations in comic books).

However, the brain that is open to insight is one that has a predominance of alpha waves…or in other words a brain in a relaxed state, a brain that is open to all possibilities. To me this sort of tied in with what I was saying in my post about Yoga. If anything Yoga probably generates alpha waves in the brain that leave one open to ideas, to insights and epiphanies.

The other thing that was mentioned in this article was how ideas seem to come flooding into the brain during a warm shower or just before the time one woke up in the morning. I have noticed this. Just before I wake up and while I am in the shower (always warm verging on scalding) I come up with wonderful ideas (at least they seem wonderful, insightful to me) and thoughts on what words I’ll use or how I’d phrase these ideas. Then the pressures of the morning sink in and everything vanishes…”poof!”

Funny how ideas have to come flooding in at the time when one has neither a waterproof pad nor pen!

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  1. My ideas come in the middle of the night. Luring me out of sleep.

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