A Dream: Serpentine Romance

“I met another school friend on Facebook today.”

“Really? Who?”

“Oh, I probably haven’t mentioned him to you, he wasn’t a friend but we loved his eyes, he had these lovely long lashes…Mohan.”

“Hmm…what’s he doing these days?”

“He runs his own business in the Bay Area and has invited us over for lunch today!”

(keep in mind, we live in NJ…3000 miles away from the Bay Area)

“Ok, let me take a quick shower and then we’ll be on our way.”

“I’ll get Anoushka ready in the meantime.”

“Hey, Anoushka! Let’s get ready we’re going out to lunch!”

“Where mommy?”

“Oh, California.”

“Ok, can I wear my princess outfit?”

“Sure honey!”

“Mommy, Mommy! A snake, there’s a snake here!”

“Where,oh…that’s ok, it’s dead. We’ll get rid of it later.”

“Mommy, no, it just moved!”

“You’re right, it is moving a little.”

“Let’s get Daddy…he’s in the shower.”

“Daddy, Daddy, snake, hurry, snaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!”

Just then the snake comes awake completely and slithers toward Anoushka and me at great speed as we stand waiting outside the bathroom door, yelling…he’s really close, about to strike, when in one swift move Anoushka stomps on its head and kills it.

The snake appears to draw a last breath and then goes still.

Then the tail moves…just a little…it wiggles and then the skin of the tail falls away and a woman emerges.

Except, she’s no ordinary woman. She is only about two feet high and appears to be fashioned out of shiny, beige colored cubes, strung…or rather…beaded together…a necklace woman. She unfolds herself and walks over to the portion of the snake that’s the head and lays herself down on it.

The snake’s head then appears to shake and gasp and the skin from the head now falls apart to reveal a similarly beaded, two feet high man. He sits up and stretches as Anoushka and I watch him, enthralled.

He then unfolds himself and stands and the necklace woman slides her hands into the necklace man’s hands and walk towards our bedroom window, before disappearing…and leaving the snake skin at our feet.

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