And in Palin land…

“The toxic mess is spreading from Main Street to Wall Street”.

Er…hello…anybody home Sarah?

Darn right it is! You betcha!

I am surprised that no one has picked up on that little sound bite from the Vice Presidential debate. Wonder what kind of toxic mess we Main Streeters are spreading on over to Wall Street.

She wrinkled her nose a lot, she winked as though there was grit in her eyes and she refused to answer any questions that were asked. In fact the answer to healthcare, taxes, economy were always somehow …energy!

Sigh…the red states are probably celebrating because nothing can sway them from their entrenched beliefs.


  1. … and if I hear nucular once again… or the betcha don'tcha gotcha….yechh

  2. Well, don't worry about USA becoming a Palin land 'cause the Revenge of the Dinosaurs is in affect, as their spirits, not Bush… is causing this financial breakdown to prevent the deletion of their existence by Palin's control of education.

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