"I Know How to Do That, I Can Do That!"

I watched the debate tonight and every time I heard Senator McCain speak it was reminiscent of an ingratiating bellboy or porter or anyone who desperately wants your approval or wants to be rewarded by your benevolent regard. He reeks of desperation and his annoying and pathetic refrain tonight was, “I know how to do that, I can do that!”

His answer to every question was pretty much the same. He kept saying he could “do it”, that a “cool hand at the tiller” was needed. How a candidate can be so out of touch to really believe that he will be perceived as that cool hand on the tiller is beyond me. Especially when he strikes me as someone who is about to meltdown in a fashion similar to Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men, when he can’t take anymore and says, “You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth!!!”

I remember not paying much attention to this election about a year or so ago. Senator Clinton and Senator Obama were duking it out in the primaries. My mind was already made up. I knew I would vote for either one when the time came. I am quite vehemently opposed to the Republican ideology and a proud citizen of blue USA. But I read Business Week’s prediction of a McCain win. I wasn’t shocked by that. I didn’t balk at that prospect. Senator McCain still seemed like someone I could like and respect. His reputation was different enough from the ones who are about to leave our country in tatters after eight years of abuse and rape.

The McCain we see now doesn’t inspire, doesn’t impress, in fact, in his choice of running mate, in his despicable and desperate campaign ad attacks on Senator Obama, in the unleashing of his rabid pitbull in lipstick, heels and a top knot, in their collective indulgence in smear tactics of the gutter variety (never getting any of it back in kind) he disgusts, they disgust.


  1. If there is one positive outcome of this bizarre and surreal election campaign it has to be, your emergence as a very sharp, articulate and thoughtful political commentator.

  2. I cannot digest the underlying cynicism in all of McCain's talk about honor. It is like he says something , does another, but wishes to be evaluated on what he does. It jars- very much so. And then I wonder is it because he knows he is going to lose big time- he might as well as sink spectacularly?

  3. I SO agree with AshishBoth this post and a few of the earlier posts have been insightful and incisive.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. There's an old Hindi saying "Andhon mein kaana raja!". What's your take on that, Pragya?

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