Redistribution of Wealth

How baffling is it that Senator McCain and Governor Palin are now accusing Senator Obama and Senator Biden for wanting to redistribute the wealth! Calling him a socialist because his ideas smack of a redistribution or spreading of wealth?

Do they even know what they are talking about, or do they just stand in front of the mirror and try out different words seeing how the word influences their facial expressions or how it sounds rolling off their tongues?

They are supposed to be Republicans, conservatives. They believe in conserving, they believe in being packrats who deal in filling their attics with failed policies and dogma. It has been their stated belief that wealth “trickles down” to the less fortunates because encouraging the fortunate ones results in reinvestment and job creation for the children of the lesser gods. The fact that this never happens aside from the pages of Miltonian textbooks often escapes their notice.

However, what is it that they keep parroting about Senator Obama scarily believing in the redistribution of wealth? Don’t they believe in it as well? Or are they changing their ideology to one where they don’t support even a tiny bit of trickle? Not even a drop? What are they saying? Let them eat cake? What in their minds is the meaning of the phrase “redistribution of wealth”? I suppose they believe taking steps to ensure a trickle down, like maybe adjusting the faucet a bit, pointing it downwards a bit, is out of the question and completely unacceptable. If the faucet is turned off, leave it just so. Is that the point of this tirade?

The party and the candidate I support find trickle-down economics (i.e. an automatic redistribution of wealth) ridiculous! But even so, they are being attacked on this basis in a mixed and confused message from the other side that makes about as much sense as the Palinesque opposition to fruit flies!

They are not into social Darwinism as propounded by Spencer when he coined the term “survival of the fittest”. The history of evolution has shown that we have reached this stage of evolution through a mix of competition and cooperation, collaboration with our fellow humans. If it was just about doing what we do best and storing the gains away in a hole in the ground we would not be where we are.

But obviously that is a finer point of logic, intellectualism and knowledge that can warm only the cockles of an intellectual, elitist heart!

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  1. Wasn't it Teddy Roosevelt, McCain's hero who introduced "progressive taxes"? Thats a bit of spreadin' it around.

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