I was interviewed for a magazine awhile ago. The theme of the interview was parenting and the questions they asked me were about my parenting experiences.

If you have a strong broadband connection, oodles of patience to deal with “buffering…” or “streaming…” type messages and more than thirty minutes of time you can see see it here.

Many of my friends viewed it and offered a wide range of comments. But the part of the interview that gives me pause is a point in the film where I say I am not meeting the expectations I have from myself. In response to a question I say that my daughter is a better version of me and my Mom was a better mom to me than I am to my daughter, so I leave much to be desired where I am concerned.

This is something that I think about often. Which is why I was struck by some sentiments expressed by Barack Obama in his book: The Audacity of Hope. In a chapter where he is talking about his life, his marriage and his relationship with Michelle, Malia and Sasha, he discusses the point in his marriage where things were tough on them as a family. He was away in Springfield often and Michelle had to find ways to split her time between being a Mom and working. Things got tense often. In his book he said something about understanding how Michelle felt. He referred to her feeling as if she was inadequate as a Mom, that she wasn’t being as good a Mom as her own Mom had been.

I was moved to hear that, moved at the realization that I wasn’t the only woman in the world who felt this way and also at the fact that he understood how she felt. He often felt inadequate as a father.

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