The Return

I do love my blog, just as one loves ones home. I feel bad about having neglected it for over a month. I have run my fingers along dusty surfaces and visited all the places I like to visit…the blogs I link to the sites I like. I found it weirdly comforting to see that I wasn’t the only one who was showing signs of unshakable lethargy. Some others hadn’t updated their blogs in weeks!

Perhaps we all got sucked into a vacuum; maybe we were all just floating around like space debris. For the last two months I had no insights and no blips of inspiration. I was lifting the state of feeling uninspired to high art.

I am still not inspired, still not able to come up with a coherent bit of writing that might engage my sparse audience for a few moments but I do sense some of the greyness lifting. It is a new year after all, time to shake off whatever it was that kept me running in slow motion and getting nowhere.

The missing time has been eventful. We suddenly decided that a trip to San Francisco was what we needed. The tickets were purchased the day after the impulse became reality and we flew west the next day.

Our very gracious host was a schoolmate who I met on Facebook after 26 years. He picked us up at the airport and we spent the next six days at his very impressive home and his wonderful wife, kids and dogs. This was the first time that a vacation felt like a real vacation; no worries plaguing us, good company, great food and lots of warmth and hospitality. We also met my friend’s neighbors whose warmth and friendliness so pleasantly surprised our frozen east coast hearts. They all treated us as if they had known us for the longest time.

Here are some pictures:

We’re waiting to get off the plane after a long flight, ready for sunny California after a cold and dreary New York winter.

Pensive as I wonder what makes a Hello Kitty camera work …or not!

We tried to be hardy New Yorkers, unaffected by the San Francisco winter, fifty-two degrees, c’mon, that’s like a sauna, no? But really it was quite cold, we should have layered up better on this trip to the famous Muir Woods.

Sometimes teenagers don’t pick up their phones when their Mom and Dad (our worried hosts calling the teen who preferred staying home to a millionth trip to Muir Woods) but a stranger they’ve just met (me) has better luck!

This was a trip to the Robert Mondavi winery at Napa Valley. You see no pictures inside the winery because short, under 13 people aren’t allowed inside! What if their parents made them taste the wine, God forbid! So no, we just walked around outside even though I have always been curious to see what happens to grapes en route to the fancy bottles.

See the grapevines in the back?

Apparently an itsy-bitsy spider went up Telegraph Hill!

The lovely Anoushka!

New Year’s Eve was an exciting reunion of four FAPSians (people who went to the Frank Anthony Public School in New Delhi and graduated in an Orwellian year). The joy one gets from being reunited with people with a shared history and shared memories is immense, I feel. From the left we see Roshni and Sunit, Mohit and Priya (our wonderful hosts), Raj and Rita and Anil and me.

Here’s Raj taking over Priya’s kitchen and dazzling us with his incredible masala chai making skills.

Here are the two pink Anoushkas, the same age, the same favorite colors, both with parents who attended FAPS!

Anoushka with Mohit’s labs – Sam and Frodo. She fell in love with them.

And here I am leaning and hanging at the mysteriously leaning shack at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA

The Mystery Spot was our last stop of the California vacation. We plane hopped our way back to New York and New Jersey last night. The weather is supposed to be cold but sunny for the next three days and then they are calling for another cold front and another ice storm. Wish I was anywhere but here.

But I feel energized, some of the gloom has lifted. A big thanks to Mohit and Priya for making it possible.


  1. I loved this sharing of yours.Not just the photographs( you are looking very good and very slim) but also reading about how wonderful it is to have a real holiday without all the stressors that go with it..thanks for sharing.I am also a lethargic blogger currently with no inspriration to write πŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful pix and everyone is so very relaxed. We always have such high expectations for the holidays and it looks like yours were met. Welcome back to the chilly big apple.

  3. Lovely lovely post – witht he pictures saying so much.A perfect picker-upper of a post πŸ˜‰

  4. Lovely, lovely post with the pictures so much!A perfect picker-upper of a post! ;)Wishing you such warmth and cheer throughout the New year.

  5. Lovely photos. Here's wishing that you get back all your artistic inspiration in the new year, and write lots and lots. πŸ™‚

  6. What a lovely holiday, what lovely pictures…

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