Not answering prayers is a modus operandi that reeks of the most egregious herding tactic ever used by any supernatural entity. This Machiavellian omniscience must stop! This entity needs to stop thinking it has a broad panoramic vision of it all.

This master puppeteer has been making it so hard for one to be oneself!

If I could have been myself I would have been a singer who could paint, wield a scalpel in intricate neurosurgery, travel unrestrained, shop without guilt, live on desserts without sacrificing a svelte silhouette; even in a lumpy astronaut suit. But for some reason these prayers have gone unanswered, ignored, landing on deaf ears as if I didn’t exist, as if I am not here taking up space and consuming precious Planet Earth resources! It’s as if I am being told by Him or Her or It, “Talk to the booty, ‘coz the brain’s off duty!”

This is an elaborate and highly unintelligent design that resembles more of a herding tactic than anything else. There also appears to be a perverse element of reverse psychology in the behavior patterns of this “entity”, this “shepherd”, this Border collie of a supernatural being that is barking, nipping and steering us poor sheep like folks into undesirable pastures.

“Ah you wanted to be a painter or a singer, eh? Nope, unh unh, ain’t gonna happen! See those little boxes, all 17,179,869,184 of them? Well, that’s where you get to play my child. Every morning you’ll turn on a machine and play in these little squares. You can leapfrog through them, play hopscotch, put little numbers in them, add them, subtract them, multiply them, divide them, sum them if something’s true, and look things up vertically or horizontally without turning your machine upside down or on its sides. Trust me it is a whole lot of fun. Oh how you’ll thank me! You will love it so much you will wake up at the crack of dawn, or even before the crack of dawn, you’ll put on your smartest clothes, you won’t even care about breakfast, you’ll be so eager to hop onto a bus that will transport you to this magical and wondrous world where you can lose yourself in cute little Arial font numbers wearing tutus and pirouetting in little boxes every single joyous day, trust me on this. I know a thing or two about what people want. I mean really want. They just don’t know how to ask.”

We could scream and shout and counter Him or Her or It by asking them to recall the time when we were first learning to play with numbers and the teacher wanted to teach us how to subtract using the technique of “borrowing”. Our intensely empathetic, artistic soul, had balked at the prospect, refusing to believe that we could “borrow” from an adjacent number as small as a one, rendering it zero! We couldn’t believe we were expected to strip a one of its oneness and here we are in a world where we are making numbers do so many things against their express wishes! We are amortizing this and accruing that, inflating this and deflating that while the world teeters on the brink of an abyss where numbers are traipsing in a frenzied dance of death.

Where to now oh magnificent shepherd?
How many more prayers are you going to ignore?

Do you ever answer any prayer? No. It’s all about your selfish needs and what you want! The perversity is mindboggling! Remember the nights I stayed awake praying for a math score in any number of unit tests that would bring up my yearly math average to an acceptable number? Did you ever listen? No! Not once! And here you have me smack in the middle of mathematical convolutions and gyrations. When did I ever give you the impression that I loved Math?

And I know what you are going to do next. My daughter is too young to know this but you are not paying any attention when she says she wants to be the most famous lemonade maker in the world or when she says she wants to be a dog whisperer or a rock star or a drummer? Are you? Oh it’s not going to be so long before your game with her is up! Sure keep up the Tooth Fairy and Santa charade for awhile but she’s a smart cookie, that one! Oh she’ll soon realize how not on the cards her lemonade making dreams are!

You ought to be ashamed at yourself, really!


  1. Who do we pray for? For all or just for ourselves? The whole idea is to get out of this limited individual shell to our true Universal Self. ayam aatma brahma. Till then we are sleep walking and delusional.

  2. The Divine Herder I love this !

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