I am sick of the news!

I am sick of everyone, everywhere splitting hairs all the time. Yes, like every main streeter out there I feel a sense of outrage at the AIG bonuses and I am angry at the top executives whose bad decisions have incrementally added up to the crisis in which we now find ourselves. I am also very sick of the top executives never really having to pay for their incompetence, of their always finding a way to shed workers in order to send Wall Street the message that they are capable of making “forceful” decisions. It is all very sickening and nauseating in the extreme but at some point in time the nausea has to end in dry heaves!

At this point I am sure I am not alone in being sick of feeling sickened. I want our government to tax away the bonuses from the AIG executives who haven’t considered returning it willingly. I applaud the people who are considering returning every penny of it. That is all that needs to happen. I don’t want senators crying out for these people to commit suicide. I don’t want people lashing out at their kids, their families, I don’t want their neighbors spitting at them, threatening them, I don’t think they need to stop living like free citizens because the media provokes escalating degrees of animus against them. The money either gets willingly returned or it gets taxed away, that’s all. The associated drama is quite unbearable. I don’t want to hear about the reasons why Chris Dodd felt he needed to introduce a loophole in original bailout bill that allowed these bonuses to happen. The blame game is irrelevant.

Why do we spend so much time assigning blame and reliving mistakes when we never have any intentions of learning from our mistakes? Has history ever shown that a post mortem of past mistakes stops their recurrence? If it did then why would history repeat?

I wish we could just move forward with the decisions that we collectively believe will take us out of the deep well in which we now find ourselves without peanut gallery comments from the press and the party that isn’t currently in a position of power (unless of course they have something other than criticism and naysaying to contribute).

Obama has been in office for a couple of months. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has passed and it will help achieve some gains. How beneficial it will ultimately prove to be remains to be seen. The crisis didn’t take shape overnight. It was years in the making. It is highly unreasonable for people to expect it to turn things around immediately, that is, within a couple of months of the new president taking office.

The pretax dollars that I can now divert to my transit expense is certainly helping me out quite a bit. I am also thrilled to learn that the federal government will pick up sixty percent of the medical expenses of people who lose their jobs and therefore their medical coverage. These things are not necessarily as obvious but they will go a long way toward restoring confidence in the groups of people worst affected.

It is too early to criticize every effort, it feeds the downward spiral, fosters negativity. The talking heads and the pundits need to retreat and stop the hair splitting analysis for sometime. They are simply feeding a frenzy.

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