I need to stop by here more…

Ever since I got bitten by the redecorating bug I forgot all about stopping by here. Somewhere in the back of my mind I kept thinking about my neglected blog and my inability to write anything. I want to write about old houses and the stories told by the walls.

I think about homes, homes that were full of life once. I have in mind an impressive home where an aunt with a very strong personality once dwelt, an aunt who was the center of the universe for her large family when she was alive, a home that was drained clean of vitality once she passed.

I don’t pride myself on perception. I was oblivious to most subtleties as a child. And yet, that house, without my aunt was a stark, lifeless and bloodless shell of a place. Despite being inhabited with her widowed husband and her children. The difference was palpable. It could have been the messy rooms, the paint on the walls losing their luster, the overgrown garden, the worn out furniture…it certainly could have been all those things that never would have been neglected when she was alive…but it was something more that was lost, something intangible yet intense. It was just never the same.

I love this little corner of cyberspace where I can be myself. Even when I have nothing to say, like today, it is comforting to fill these blank spaces with words. I don’t want it to be a neglected space. I don’t want to leave this space behind like my aunt’s spirit missing from her lively home.

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