So where have I been?

…and has anyone missed me? Oh well, always curious about being missed, kind of like “Mr Cellophane” in Chicago.

I was around but was unable to write a single word. I didn’t even miss writing, I was so completely taken over with the “nesting” impulse even though there was no reason to nest.

It’s amazing to see the difference that freshly painted walls can make to the way a home feels. I love sitting and staring at the “bouquet rose” shades of the family room and the dining room, the “hint of mauve” in the living room and the kitchen, and the “amethyst dream” in my bedroom. I was lost in colors, in contrasts, in the shades the wall art, the covers, the curtains and the cushions that would complement the shades I had chosen for the walls and would reflect the unique personalities of the inhabitants within these walls.

I have spent so many years addicted to my computer, to rarely logging out, to chatting around the clock, that I’ve even felt cranky on vacations when the Internet connection has been less than perfect. But ever since my focus turned toward my house I didn’t miss being online even a little bit. I didn’t miss my virtual friends, my Facebook, my Twitter. I was as obsessed with adding whimsical little twists and touches to every corner of my home as I had been with my online activities.

I had a new addiction. I woke up with a crick in my neck and a throbbing headache one morning because I had been awake for most of the night, browsing various online shops for vanities, dressers and mirrors for my room, desperately trying to find something that matched. I remember dreaming up dresser and mirror combinations even when I closed my eyes for a couple of hours! I am dreaming of floor to ceiling bookshelf units and wall art; they cross the orange celluloid of my closed eyelids even when I am snoozing on my bus.

This obsessive interest in every project is probably an unhealthy trait. It was the same way when I was working on creating the S&C network homepage (despite all the help I had), when I set up our family tree in cyberspace and scanned over 500 pictures in, when I practice my music…every project that appeals to me borders on extreme obsession while the fever lasts.

And when it fades, the resulting ennui is almost as intense.

Well…”darling I don’t know why I go to extremes, too high or too low, there ain’t no in betweens…”

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