I feel tired, and not physically. I suppose I am energetic enough to take on everything I need to do on any given day. I am just mentally exhausted because there is too much to think about. I used to be able to function without lists and now I can’t; if I don’t want stuff falling through the cracks. There’s too much to remember, too many things demanding attention and competing for time. And to top it all there are the 4 hours that are lost everyday with nothing to show for them.

It’s a strange place to be because there is nothing on the list that can go away! I have a list full of things which need equal attention and care, no hierarchy of priorities, no ranking, all sharing equal space on the front tier.

The only person getting lost in this maze is me…the extraordinary machine.


  1. Pragya-i can really relate to this totally.It can be a strange place to be in with having too much to do.Hope you get some me-time to tackle that overwhelming feeling head on..

  2. Yes, Jyo, I am certain you of all people understand this feeling. The good thing is that however we feel in any given moment, chances are that feeling won't last forever. Everything does pass, sooner or later.

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