Black Mood

When there’s nothing else to write about it is easy to mine oneself. Today was a rough day and I want it to pass into the irretrievable archives of the mind.

Sugar and sweetener wrappers in the drawer where we store packets of sugar and sweetener; the bottom of the drawer coated with crusted up sugar and sweetener, coffee stains on the carpet, dirty socks and wet towels strewn around the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, homework that doesn’t get done until I raise hell about it after I get home, garbage that doesn’t get taken out, cigarette smoke smells reaching up and out of the basement office, missing my bus by a minute because some people choose to leave a four car distance between themselves and the car in front of them, bank account that shows numerous casino transactions because someone is showing out of control behavior – these were all the ingredients that went into my vile soup of a day.

Forgot about mentioning the stellar customer service that consumers in this country receive from respected corporations. I was gleefully used by Sears in a “bounce the call between national and store level personnel” because they haven’t a clue when they would be able to deliver and assemble a dresser I had purchased a week ago. In fact, they don’t even have a record of my order in the system: “We apologize for the inconvenience, we are so sorry you have had such a rotten experience, but unfortunately we are not able to help you.”


Wasted hours tally:
24 minutes waiting in the parking lot after missing the 7:15 bus by a minute
80 minutes wasted commuting to work
180 minutes wasted trying to get a non-idiotic answer out of Sears customer service

And this day isn’t over.

What’s to come you ask, well:

120 minutes or more will be wasted commuting back home
120 minutes cleaning up hubby and daughter’s messes
60 minutes running after A to get her homework done

How I’ll find myself within these wasted time segments is beyond comprehension.

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