The Essence of Fall

Some fall days are beautiful. Especially the ones that are touched with grace, the ones where multiple hues shimmer in the morning light, raining on me like confetti as I make my way down winding roads. They fill me with the kind of fleeting happiness I haven’t felt in days. As though someone laid a gentle hand on my forehead and brushed back bothersome tendrils of hair while smiling down at me.

Fleeting it was, in all its sweetness. My happiness was already tinged with nostalgia for the passing moment, even as the moment occurred. Just like this season we call fall- a glorious decay which looks ahead at months of bleakness.

I relished how I was feeling in that one passing moment and tried to live it to its fullest. And, as if it read my mind, the radio started playing Robert Plant’s soft tones from when he wrote a fine tribute to his son Karac who died of stomach cancer at the age of five. This song probably sees Plant and JPJ at their best, with Plant’s lyrics and Jones on synthesizer and bass making magic. Take a listen, it is the perfect musical accompaniment to the kind of morning I am trying so hard to relive here:

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