Earth Rise on Moon Beach

It was just a silly dream. Triggered perhaps by the news of LCROSS and its successful explosion of water out of the moon.

My slumbering mind imagined water and a beach on the moon. It made me see myself lounging around on a deck chair, watching the Earth rise in the distance in all its sapphire glory.

Who would forget such a dream?

I seldom remember my dreams. The last one I remember left me with a strange line:

“In my youth there were no razors in my eyes”

I don’t remember the context, just the line and what a bizarre line it is.

Perhaps it signals distress at lost innocence and the accretion of several layers of jadedness.

The moon dream is perhaps along the same lines.

I’ve always loved the word pristine.

We know what it means but words have a certain sound, a certain quality that transcends their meaning. When I hear pristine I sense beauty and innocence that is as startling and breathtaking as it is transient and fleeting. The pristine condition isn’t one that lasts.

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