Nothing: Part 2

When I first came to the US, Thirtysomething was a popular television drama about baby boomers, the largest group of Americans, coming of age, coming into their own, getting married, having babies, buying homes, settling in to live their American dream.

They never once thought about moving back in with their frugal, post-Great Depression parents who had probably built themselves a solid financial future through financial restraint and cautiousness. These thirtysomethings had cushy corporate jobs and greed was still considered good.

Fast forward twenty years and we find this segment of aging boomers, who thought their nests were (or would soon be) empty and that they could manage well even on Wall Street and Madoff raped finances and busted 401ks, find themselves welcoming back their little birdies back to the nests, moving back to their old rooms, beaks open like little chickadees.

The generation Xers aren’t the most secure people in the world these days. With unemployment at an all time high, worthless MBA degrees and hiring freezes they really have nowhere else to go. They are surrounded by monsters under the bed and need to sneak back in with mommy and daddy.

So when my little Generation Y person crept back into our bedroom last night she had me wondering if this was an eerie prelude to the future. Will the trend have reversed by the time she comes of age? Will she be fortunate enough to be on an extended uptick of the economic cycle?

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