Nothing: Part 8

My cold has gone on for a very long time. Nyquil gives me a good night’s rest and fools me into thinking that the rhino virus has been vanquished. But the symptoms return with a vengeance the next day and I can’t possibly take Nyquil during the day.

I was exploring the over-the-counter cold medicine aisle at the pharmacy and noticed something interesting. Every cold medicine brand comes in night and day time strengths. The thing that bothers me the most about a cold is the runny nose and the sneezing. And yet none of the day time pills are designed to relieve runny nose or sneezing!

Day time – Multi-symptom relief:
Nasal Congestion

Night time – Multi-symptom relief:
**Runny Nose**

Sneezing and runny nose are the worst part of the cold and apparently there is nothing you can take in the day time (unless you plan to snooze at your desk) that keeps you from sneezing or sniffling.

So the sneezes and the sniffles keep coming. At least people give me a wide berth in buses and trains and I get the whole seat to myself. The new thing about sneezing in the crook of your elbow (instead of your palms, when you suddenly find yourself without tissues), to prevent a spewing of germs for all to inhale, has left me with several jackets and sweaters with sneezed in sleeves that need drycleaning or, better yet, burning…not sure drycleaning will help.

I suppose if self medication fails to deliver me from this cold, that has already lasted over seven days, I might have to drag myself to the doctor. But let’s see. I’ll give it another couple of days.

Misery, miserable misery!

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