Nothing: Part 17

Have been thinking about polarized opinions.  It doesn’t take too long for two camps to form within seconds of the looming of a new issue on the horizon.  The opinions are sclerotic at birth with no room for consideration, deference or deliberation.  As if the infant thought looked into the eyes of Medusa at birth.

I came across this Schopenhauer quote in the “Train of Thought” series that appear in NY subway trains:

“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

Funny how stray thoughts tend to get validated in this fashion.

Wonder why it’s so difficult for us to acknowledge the existence of other points of view.  Why is it so hard to agree to disagree instead of forcing our opinions down other throats and always trying to find converts and followers? This same sense of wonder extends to our conscious efforts to declare ourselves a brand.  We all have virtual soapboxes to climb these days and we want to shout out our “brands”. 

The word “wondering” often hints at a setting apart of oneself.  Even though I am using inclusive pronouns to declare that I am as guilty of it all as everyone else.  The use of the word “guilty” in the previous sentence further betrays my prejudice and lack of non-judgemental impartiality.  I wonder about my own motivations.  Stating my own opinion about the entrenched opinions of others is making me feel uncomfortably opinionated. 

All this makes me reexamine the old ideal of having the strength of one’s convictions.  Maybe the entrenchment of opinions is a consequence of being rigidly ideal-bound, of fighting a perception of spinelessness and amorality, of being seen as someone who dwells in grey areas rather than the pristine world of black and white.  But flexibility in thought need not be an ugly grey.  Why not see it as an entire spectrum of possibilities between opposing poles of thought?

This will get classified under idle deliberation but I do hope to personally “tend to” (channeling Calculus) a place where there is room for more cooperation, consideration and tolerance rather than rabid competition and an unyielding entrenchment of opinions.

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