Rainy 14th Day of Diwali

It’s raining.  I hate carrying huge umbrellas and tiny umbrellas do nothing for Manhattan rains.  I guess I’ll leave the umbrella behind, pull up the hood of the cozy jacket that makes everyone wonder if I went to Princeton, and duck into the nearest subway station.  The hood doesn’t quite stretch all the way to the front so we’ll have to deal with some residual frizziness of the hair.

Tonight we’ll go home and light the diya that is supposed to keep dark spirits at bay.  If it wasn’t too rainy I’d have ventured out to Edison in search of some succulent gulab jamuns and sparklers but the weather is too disgusting. I just want to catch up on some sleep since I was up till 2:00 am, working.

Diwali is going to be a remote access work day, since it isn’t a festive holiday in these parts – still not anywhere near Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwaanza in the diversity and inclusion scales.  So we have to celebrate it in our quiet little neck of the woods, without any friends or family.  The right shoulder goes into phantom spasms at the thought of lugging the damn thing again.  The straps of the tote back will be cutting into flesh and bone, probably inflicting a lifetime of damage.  I am still sore from carrying it home last night and back today this morning.  Why is the damn thing so heavy?

But hey, as long as I can skip three hours of wretched commuting in the rain tomorrow morning I can shoot for good spirits.  Diwali in the day long company of the Nukster should cheer me up quite a bit.

It isn’t possible to end this mundane account of the day without saying a few words about our resident Dolores Umbridge at work.  The facilities manager who believes she wears a blinding aura of supremacy around here.  When the office temperature is unbearably frigid and people turn on space heaters she comes storming down to ask, “Do you know what it’s like to be burnt alive?”

When she spots an isolated offender dribbling some office milk in their cereal she takes away the half & half privileges from the entire office.  I am waiting for the day when she will decide to take away the coffee!  Against our Umbridge there are no higher courts of appeal.

She has been around with a measuring tape, measuring the length of every office cubicle.  Now she’s budgeting space.  She wants to condense each cubicle by about two feet so that another closet sized cubicle could be created for some unfortunate newbie.

I had steered clear of her atrocities and unpleasantness thus far.  Today she took away my printer.  And this now is war.

Going to take this in my stride for now, count to10 etc, go home, unwind and hope for a pleasant Diwali.

Happy Diwali to all who care to wander on over here.


  1. Happy Diwali to you, Pragya! Hope you can really relax, and not have to do much work in the holiday. BTW, it rained here too yesterday, 😦

  2. And, it rained here too~Love the image of you in the Princeton jacket – it brings to mind memories of the sodden day on which it was acquired 😉

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