Day 4

Christmas Day.  It’s a quiet day, a lazy day.  The one day of the year where there’s no agenda and one can just be, surrounded by family, food, hot cocoa, scattered and shredded gift wrapping paper and opened boxes.  It’s a day when it’s futile to worry about the silent phone.  No prospective employer would call on this day, so the phone can be comfortably silent; not feeling my eyes boring into its plastic shell, willing it to ring.  Tomorrow is Sunday, another day to just be.

If things hadn’t changed I would have been worrying about the snow we’re supposed to get tomorrow and on Monday.  I would have worried about my commute.  I would have worried about how I would look to my bosses if I told them I’m scared of getting out on the road when it snows and that I’d like to work from home.  Things like that used to gnaw at my insides.  So I am thankful.  Snowy days and Mondays won’t have the power to get me down for awhile.  I might even get to build a snowman with my daughter. 

I need to work on my resume…

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  1. I wish you all the very best. It's a tough time for you, but I am sure you will come through with your steadfastness and courage.

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