Solipsism – 5

Worked another thirteen hour day.  One thing kept leading to another.  Most of this work entails going down various rabbit holes to find the one thread that will connect all actions and consequences together.  I like following the logic and looking for the one thing that will tie all things together, neatly, with a pretty red bow on top.  I despise clutter and unholy messes of thought and action and I could lose myself in a succulent mess that needs straightening out.

But the longer I live the more the realization that a balanced approach to “work” and “life” is a pipe dream, at least for me, hits home.  Out of the two I’ll always tilt toward the one that engages my mind to its maximum potential and somehow “life” always loses while chasing this dream.

I’ll use the weekend to give life a nice head start tomorrow.  Starting with a full night’s sleep, cooking a healthy breakfast for everyone, baking stuff, exercising, playing tennis with the family, now that we found an indoors court.  A two hour violin practice session will do my soul some good too.  We’ll end Saturday with a movie or two and repeat all of the above on Sunday.  This still doesn’t account for any reading or writing time, that appears to be a luxury that is still somewhat out of reach.

With this much of a handicap, one hopes life can finally take the lead in this race.  Perhaps we’ll be able to restrict all work and all thoughts of work within the nine to five range starting Monday, one can dream.

Read everything I wrote above and now I am yawning with boredom! So yawwwwwn…bye for now.

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