Boston Bombing

Someone sits out there tonight, watching, waiting, perhaps relishing the carnage he has wrought. Someone out there wants something. What does he want? Who planted the seed of this thought in his head? Was there a coach, a master puppeteer in some cave in Afghanistan pulling strings? Or did someone hear voices in their head that told him to kill and maim?

Speculation continues. Is it a terrorist cell seeking to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden or Is it a domestic terrorist, someone who hates the government, the president, hates paying taxes, hates having gone to war, hates calls for gun control, hates Roe vs Wade, hates being unemployed for the past four years or even the past four weeks and spends his time looking up recipes online for cooking up bombs?

Or is it someone with a mental illness – someone who has been off their serotonin re-uptake inhibitor meds, or someone who hears voices, real enough and compelling enough to them, telling them to become a lethal instrument of carnage?

With ten years of expertise in anti-terrorism efforts they will soon know exactly who it was. This waiting, watching creep must know that it is a matter of time, perhaps just a matter of a couple of days. When he is being led away in handcuffs with a lawyer whose job will be to ensure he gets the fairest trial possible, will he believe he’s going down for some cause or will he be on another plane of sentience while his lawyer tries to convince a judge that he isn’t mentally competent to stand trial?

Where do we send prayers now and for what? Three people are dead and 140 are injured, some were running just a second before they became amputees. We pray for peace every day, we pray for the safety of living relatives. What prayers can we say for the dead? What can we say to console grieving relatives? Who is the entity taking receipt of these prayers and can this entity ever ensure peace on earth and peace to an insane mind?

Anger tonight seeks a target but the target isn’t forthcoming. It lurks in the shadows waiting, watching, perhaps calculating its next move while tears are shed and little ones are tucked in with a calming bedtime story that could preserve their innocence and their faith in humanity just a little bit longer.

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