When I doodle I fill every corner of a page.  I create a mosaic of triangles and squares butting up against similar or complementary edges.  I color in these spaces and add texture while leaving slivers of white between each adjacent shape.

But the geometric progression goes only so far and no further.  Dots soon appear around the edges and now there’s every chance that these dots would get surrounded by sinuous waves, petals or paisleys.  It’s surprising how wonderful a launching pad a paisley makes for an emerging pattern.  If life were to be lived on a paisley plane perhaps we’d never reach a dead end.  There would be room for innumerable maneuvers, embellishments and enhancements.

The sinuous waves that surround the dots lead to some interesting possibilities, especially if one inks in a cosine curve over a sine curve.  Each dot then looks like a dazed pupil within myriad eyes.  Imagine surrounding a square space with a chain of eyes, surveilling everything within and without?

But it can’t end there, it’s an ever-morphing, ever-changing space.  The pupils sometimes become the center of a flame and flames can reach outward and all around until their tips start curling into spirals that meet, greet and hook up with other spirals, they travel around the page like wanderers or settle in and give birth to baby spirals scampering, cartwheeling or cavorting around the space between two ruled lines.

Some rogue spirals are trapped in triangular, rectangular of square shapes, caged and confined forever, no release possible, the most they could expect is an ornate embellishment of their cages with more dots, waves, petals or paisleys; their prison is walking through this space all alone.

And just like that an Eagles song sneaks into one’s doodling mind, “don’t you draw the queen of diamonds boy, she’ll beat you if she’s able, you know the queen of hearts is always your best bet”, and you proceed to draw exactly that, a queen of diamonds, despite the warnings against it.  Hearts are rather a closed shape, two bumps and a point, what can one do with a heart, except trace another line around it, and another around that, in a repetitive, obsessive manner, desperate for protection, the stronger the shields around it the less breachable or breakable the heart.  One could draw a zigzag pattern within it if it has been broken.  Those are the only choices with the heart or the queen of hearts, protect it or leave it vulnerable for whatever comes next.

The queen of diamonds is a always a better option.  Her diamonds offer four sides.  Each side the foundation for more diamonds (do diamonds beget diamonds?) or triangles or squares or even dots, waves, petals, paisleys or spirals.  It might even be possible to reach the outer edges of the page with diamonds at hand.

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