I have never been keen on making new year resolutions. January has just felt like the cold and forbidding month that appears on the heels of December. What are years if not just containers with the capacity to hold the most memorable moments from each 365 day period of your life? We don’t archive our paperwork each year with so much fanfare, So why do so with our lives? Especially when most of those days aren’t particularly memorable. The only months I’ll remember from 2014 will be July, August and the end of November. I will draw a complete blank when questioned about the rest.

Years may come, years may go, some go fast, oh so fast, some go slow…

Someone sang that, can’t recall who, but that’s all there is to years.

That was the long winded preamble to why I never make any resolutions on 1/1.

This year feels different. I feel compelled to make some changes; lifestyle changes that are sustainable. I want to move toward vegetarianism, I want to sustain a Yoga practice, I want to have as low a body fat percentage as is possible for my frame and for someone my age. I want to be kinder to the people who are closest to me; never take them for granted. I don’t want to be chained to my desk for all useful hours of the day and I want to lengthen the radius of the comfort zone.

So that’s the declaration of intent for the year to come.

Happy New Year!

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