Bothered Day

There is something that really bothers me about the culture from which I hail.  It is often near impossible to have a conversation with someone who is a generation above you and is related to you.  The thing that you hear most often is, “zaban ladata(i) hai!” which means someone is talking back.  Talking back is not allowed.  So, the older person can go on blabbering irrational nonsense, endlessly, but the younger person is not allowed a defense or a justification of their stance on any matter.  The younger person isn’t allowed to tell the older person how to do things better, how to live better, dress better, just be better.  This has always bothered me.

Earlier today I reached the end of my rope.  Pushed to the edge of my patience, I realized that a peaceable relationship with this person was no longer possible.  The relationship needed to morph into one of indifference for my own sanity.  In a nutshell, I have had it.

I remember an interview with Candice Bergen once.  I believe she was 60 at the time of this interview and she indicated that what she loved about being this age was that she didn’t need to give a damn (she used more colorful language but I am square and I don’t) any longer.  I have a long way to go before I reach that wonderful age but I am definitely at an age where this should apply.  I have always felt the weight of caring about what people will say, or how they will react to what I do or don’t do.  I want to shrug this weight off.  The movement I need is most definitely on my shoulder.  Take me as I am or go away.  I am tired of smiling at inanities or tolerating things that don’t deserve my tolerance.




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